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When StereoNET exclusively announced Halcro's new ownership and return to market nearly 3 years ago, the news was met with much fanfare. Progress has been made and in just over five weeks time, the new Halcro will be on display to the world.

A revitalised and reenergised Halcro looms as a major drawcard at this year’s Melbourne International HiFi Show, November 3rd-5th, Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park.

Halcro will debut a family of tantalising and long awaited products in its display rooms comprising pre and stereo power amps, dual mono blocs and phono stage.

There’s also a new Halcro recording label that continues to support independent Australian music on LPs and CDs across a huge range of genres. Halcro’s first release earmarked for the pleasure of showgoers is a new album by Mary Webb, the deeply talented singer, songwriter and performer called Love Like Planets.

Mary Webb - Love Like Planets

Mary Webb will also be performing live at the show in the Halcro Lounge. So pencil this in to your “must visit” events.

Halcro's new models will reach audiophiles and music lovers as The Eclipse Series. A range described by Mike Kirkham, co-owner of Halcro and owner of Magenta Audio, as a slightly different approach to the brilliant original Halcro models. Kirkham told StereoNET:

Halcro is indeed reborn with a new family of models under development. And dare we say it, each is slightly different to the older Halcros and we believe even more soulful than the originals.

The Eclipse Series replaces the dm-series as Halcro’s new, flagship amplifiers. The new models feature a completely redesigned input stage, have lower distortion, unmatched phase accuracy, improved power stage, optimised circuit layout and better shielding.

Halcro New Amplifier Range

Halcro invested heavily in the new series even developing a completely redesigned chassis that is tuned to reduce microphonics caused by air and floorborne vibrations.

Styling is also fresh and Kirkham descries the Eclipse’s aesthetic and new exterior finishes as a “…new, modern, lighter take on a classic aesthetic design”.

Halcro Eclipse Mono Amplifiers

Halcro’s new range is comprehensive and includes a new Electrostatic speaker, a model Kirkham says has immeasurable distortion across the entire audio band.

Halcro designed the new electrostatic because it felt conventional dynamic driver speakers cannot keep up with the dynamics delivered by the Eclipse amplification. They are deemed as too slow.

The new speaker has a large, full-range ESL diaphragm, a wire based stator assembly, proprietary conductive coatings, staggered driver topology for greater phase coherence, Halcro-spec high-tension power supplies and protection circuitry.

The new ESL is designed to match the eclipse amplifier but has alternate inputs to suit conventional amplifiers.

In the pipeline is a mid-level amplifier series that will attract more people to the Halcro brand and experience what music sounds like when distortion in the electronics is removed.

And in great news for budget buyers, Halcro is also working on an entry-level electronics series based on a completely redesigned second generation of the famous Halcro Lyrus class-D technology.

What would an International HiFi Show be without a world premiere? See Halcro at the Melbourne International HiFi Show, November 3rd-5th, 2017 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park, Melbourne.

Tickets are on sale now.


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