SME Lands at Pure Music Group

Posted on 24th July, 2014

SME Lands at Pure Music Group

SME needs no introduction to turntable enthusiasts. What started in 1946 manufacturing precision engineering parts for scale models, nearly 70 years later SME Limited are regarded as one of the world's best manufacturers of turntables and accessories.

Pure Music Group, Melbourne, distribute some of the finest brands in audio. SME is a proud addition to their brand portfolio that already includes the likes of ADAM, Kuzma, TechDAS, Playback Designs, Lyra and many more.

Warwick Freemantle, Director of PMG, told StereoNET, “The Model 20/3 turntable is one of our favourites. This award winning turntable inherits many features from the Model 20/12 including massive construction, extensional damping of major surfaces and lack of vibration from moving parts ensuring exceptional detail, resolution and uncoloured performance. Weighing in at 26.6 kgs in a high density, compact format the 20/3 is extremely resistant to airborne and structural vibrations from both external and internal sources.”

“The Model 20/3 has no “sonic footprint” by virtue of its suspended sub-chassis and a centrally placed fluid damper that controls sub-chassis motion and offers a resistive ground path for acoustic signals. The benefits of this attention to detail is stunning tonal and dynamic neutrality. A screw down reflex action record clamp ensures that the record surface is tightly coupled to the Isodamp platter surface permitting resonances to be transmitted efficiently to the sub-chassis damping system and dissipated.” he said.

'Price parity' is a topic many distributors and even consumers feel relevant at the moment, particularly in Hi-Fi circles of Australia. The good news is that PMG's pricing sets the Model 20/3 basic turntable at $11,950 or the Model 20/3A with matching SME Series V tonearm at $16,950 including GST.  Freemantle told us that this pricing closely mirrors current UK prices and will be valid until the end of 2014.

For more information visit Pure Music Group (Website, Forum).

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