Posted on 17th September, 2018


The days of freestanding Hi-Fi racks full of components and floorstanding speakers dominating the floor space of our living spaces are numbered. Modern living and inner-city apartments have brought the need for smaller, compact and more discreet solutions.

As a result, the in-wall speaker market exploded with brands and models over a decade ago, but what was once considered a compromise in dynamics, realism and pure sound quality, is now a viable full-bodied sound option.

TDG Audio Skybar

TDG Audio's revolutionary Skybar is the world's first in-ceiling soundbar that can also be configured for in-wall installation. The system uses three discrete boxes, comprising one Skybar LCR and two Skybar satellites, harmoniously working together to provide a full seven-channel immersive home cinema sound system.

The Skybar LCR features six 3-inch heavy duty, full range drivers – two for the left channel, two for the right channel, and two full-range along with a single 1” titanium dome pivoting tweeter for the centre channel.

The drivers are cleverly mounted on a 15 degree angled baffle to direct sound towards the audience when mounted in-ceiling, or left/right towards the audience when mounted in-wall.

Flexible connections allow the Skybar LCR to be configured for either a complete left/right/ centre multi-channel setup – or the entire unit as one channel, perfect for larger listening areas.

Complemented by two Skybar Satellites, each comprises two front-firing 3-inch full range drivers and a 1-inch titanium dome pivoting tweeter for side or surrounds channels. A third 3-inch reflecting speaker is mounted into an angled channel to direct the waveform towards a wall or ceiling for more diffused rear or height channels.

The Skybar Satellite can be configured to provide only surround channel information, or both surround and rear or height channel information for a fully immersive home theatre experience.

All Skybar speakers feature a fully sealed high-grade MDF enclosure, precision punched steel baffle for maximum rigidity and come with a bezel-less paintable magnetic grill.

TDG Audio Skybar LCR and Satellite speakers are available now and sell for $1,599 RRP each. So a full 7.1 setup (using three boxes) will see an investment of $4,797, delivering 7.1 channels of surround sound, without the footprint associated with floor standing speakers.

For more information visit TDG Audio.


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