Posted on 25th May, 2017


Well, the answer to that question is quite simple; if you can afford it, then why not?

If money is no object, then the INVICTUS Turntable from Acoustic Signature shown at the Munich High End show will be sure to spin your vinyl true.

The exploded view below shows the platter and silencers used in this 165kg behemoth.

Acoustic Signature Invictus

Only the finest materials are used, processed by hand. Acoustic Signature’s statement turntable is described as having “that unique magic of opulence, sophistication, dynamism and quality combined”.

You can get an ‘un-exploded’ version, minus tonearm and phono cartridge for just $165,000 AUD.

Good luck trying to sneak that one in the door though.

But, if you’re more realistic and just want a seriously high quality turntable for a little less coin, the wizards at Acoustic Signature also offer the newly-released Merlin turntable.

Acoustic Signature Merlin Turntable

The Merlin weighs in at just a fraction of the INVICTUS, at a humble 16kgs.

Maurice Martin, Head of Production at the Acoustic Signature factory in Germany was on hand at Munich’s High End Show to talk us through the new model:

With the Merlin design, we bring together one of the most sophisticated external drive and power supply systems, with a massive turntable design at a very reasonable price.

And like Formula1, the proving ground for trickle down automotive technology, Acoustic Signature combine all they learn in research and development and apply it to future turntable releases.

The Merlin combines a massive aluminium 40mm plinth with adjustable feet, with a 34mm, 6.4kg solid Aluminium platter. The underneath of the platter is also coated with a special finish which adds dampening for resonance control.

Machined in-house to exacting specifications, the Merlin platter sits precisely on a Tidorfolon bearing.

Acoustic Signature Merlin

The use of a European Synchronous motor with state-of-the-art motor control developed by Acoustic Signature ensures accurate rotation and precise speed control. The speed controller is electronically regulated and fully decoupled from the mains supply.

The Merlin represents all that Acoustic Signature have learned in decades of turntable design, highly refined to deliver their best yet entry-level turntable.

The Merlin will be available soon in Australia, and while local pricing has not yet been confirmed, the €2499 Euro pricing tells us it’s going to be substantially cheaper than the INVICTUS. What a relief!

For more information visit the Acoustic Signature brand page.

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