Posted on 24th July, 2018


SGR Audio’s sweet-sounding active speakers are now even better, if that’s possible for what was already a dazzling series of high-end active speakers.

Undaunted, SGR’s design team upgraded the CX4F model with world-first technology back in 2016 and were so smitten by the sonic gains they decided to work a little magic on the CX3B and CX3C models.

The results are in, and everyone who has heard the upgraded speakers says the performance climbs to another level of excellence.

But it’s worth noting the upgrade applies only to a limited number of these models.

Company Founder, Stuart Ralston told StereoNET:

This is an exclusive release, with a limited production capacity of only 25 pairs of CX3B speakers and 10 CX3C speakers.

The inference for any buyer is to act quickly or miss out on what’s been described as an upgrade that’s indeed game-changing.

The major feature of the upgrade is the installation of SGR’s now somewhat famous current-drive amplifier built to deliver undistorted, pure music to the speaker with consummate ease.

While commercial amps control voltage at the output terminals, SGR’s amp controls the current flowing at the output, rather than the voltage.

Ralston says this design approach is audibly clear and quite amazing.  Sonic gains include a whole new level of smoothness and a lack of grain.

SGR’s second-generation amplifier is technically unique and ergonomically impressive: the entire back plate has been precisely machined in-house from a single piece of aluminium.

The finish in alluring Micro Pearl in-house anodising is also impeccable.

Both speakers gain a new custom made and in-house assembled tweeter that is said to provide a smoother on-axis response and higher frequency extension up to 30 kHz.

The new tweeter also handles more power, has lower distortion and an improved transient response.

Both speaker models get advanced enclosure damping to reduce cabinet resonances and a power supply upgrade to deliver increased capacitance.

The Limited Edition MkII update applies only to existing owners of the SGR Audio CX3B and CX3C speakers, and the upgrade cost is nicely priced given its complexity: it costs $3800 for the CX3B and $2000 for the CX3C.

See and hear SGR Audio at the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, October 12-14 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park. Tickets on sale now and until July 31st, can be purchased at 50% off with code BESTSHOW.

For more information visit SGR Audio.



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