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Audition any of Melbourne's SGR Audio Active loudspeakers, and you can’t fail to be awed by the level of dynamic wallop, transparency and detail they generate with consummate ease.

Attendees at this year's Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show are, therefore, in for a treat.

Imagine what hearing what the brand’s new flagship Maestro MT3.2 active speaker is bound to deliver inside SGR Audio’s well-appointed Park room, October 12-14, at the Pullman Albert Park hotel.

Having heard the Maestro loudspeaker speakers in the past, it’s hard to imagine anyone bettering their high-end sound. But tell that to the design team at SGR Audio whose quest for sonic perfection has given us the new Maestro MT3.2 loudspeaker.

The original Maestro model, a towering testament to sound and build quality called the MT3F, debuted in 2004 wowing any listener smart enough to understand what they were hearing.

By 2009, SGR Audio released the Maestro MT3FSL which was a slimmer version of the 2004 original model. It was notable because it was the very first Maestro series model to carry the electronics inside the cabinet and the very first to showcase the brand’s best electronic active technology at that time.

Fast-forward to 2013 and the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, where SGR Audio presented the Maestro MT3.2 model to an adoring audiophile audience, and you’d think this was the end of the Maestro story.

It couldn’t get any better, could it?

Yes, it could. And it’s called the Maestro MT3.2 Mk 2 Active loudspeaker, and by all accounts, it’s a cracker. While all the Maestro series speakers have been audio milestones, the MT3.2 Mk 2 is something special that you have to see and hear for yourself.

MSB Technology at Melbourne International hi-Fi Show

SGR Audio will be demonstrating this model with the first Australian presentation of MSB Technology’s Discrete and Premiere DACs.  Even better, the MSB models will be sitting on SGR Audio world-class racks displaying all the sonic improvement these high-end DACs deliver in spades.

A large selection of its modular hi-fi equipment racks will be showcased, along with some of their other fine loudspeakers including the Voyager VR4,  VR2, and one of our favourites, the splendid Convex CX4F which is also now in Mk 2 mode.

SGR Audio will exhibit in Park Room, Level 1. And speaking of well-appointed rooms, the SGR Audio bar will be open in their room - Friday 12th (4 PM - 7 PM), Saturday 13th (12 PM - 5 PM), and Sunday 14th (12 PM - 3 PM). SGR will run a timed schedule of various systems so check their schedule on the door to ensure you hear what interests you.

The 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show takes place across three great days from October 12-14, at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park. Tickets are on sale now.

For more information visit SGR Audio.


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