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Sennheiser has given German DJ, Robin Schulz a massive accolade by releasing the HD25 Robin Schulz headphone in his honour.

Sennheiser has given German DJ, Robin Schulz a massive accolade by releasing the HD25 Robin Schulz headphone in his honour.

The new model is a white version of the brand’s now legendary HD25 monitoring headphones. Each set comes adorned with the DJ’s signature.

Schulz devotees or collectors wanting to snare a set of the latest HD25s need to move at warp speed. Sennheiser will release just a couple of hundred sets, and these will be sold exclusively via the brand’s online shops.

Overseas the new HD25 can be bought at Sennheiser’s flagship stores in Berlin, Singapore, and the company’s HQ in Wedemark.

Sennheiser Robin Shulz HD25 Headphones

Schulz has been a fan of the HD25 for many years. He’s been using a pair of the original black model during that time, and he says they’ve become a permanent feature of his work.

“These headphones have been my trusted companion throughout my entire career,’’ Schulz says adding he couldn’t do a gig without them.

Sennheiser says the limited edition HD25 has the same inner qualities and technical data as the original HD25 but will be finished in a brilliant white.

The Robin Schulz HD25 features the famous split headband that makes it snug and comfortable to wear for hours on end.

A flip-away ear cup for single side monitoring is yet another desirable feature.

Internally each driver is powered by lightweight aluminium voice coils that ensure top class transient response.

The HD25 soars high into the treble and deep into bass with a frequency response of 16 to 22,000 Hz. Impedance is 70 ohm and the maximum sound pressure level delivered by the new HD25 is 120 dB.

Specs that make the HD25 limited edition model dandy for monitoring tasks or for listening at your leisure at home or on the go.

The new HD25 is bundled with a jack plug adapter (3.5 mm to 6.3 mm) for the single, 1.5 metre steel wire cable.

This headphone is available now via Sennheiser’s Australian website. Price is $349.

For more information visit Sennheiser.


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