Posted on 17th December, 2018


Following the successful debuts of Sennheiser flagship stores in Berlin and San Francisco, Sennheiser has now unveiled its Aussie flagship destination store.

The location of a store designed from the ground up to showcase Sennheiser’s massive range of products, is 5 Martin Place, Sydney.

Sennheiser Store Opening, Sydney

While the address won’t ring any bells with Melbournites, it's well known to Sydneysiders because the building has a historic link to the Commonwealth Bank.

Back in the day when the CBA was nationalised, 5 Martin place was the spot chosen for the bank’s first home. Not any longer.

It’s now being put to use as the place for consumers to sample Sennheiser's ranges of headphones, head-fi electronics and Sennheiser's domestic audio gear.

But it’s also the place for locals and visitors to Sydney to drop in and check out the brand’s office and pro gear including conference systems and professional microphones.

Or if you’re an artist on stage, Sennheiser has the electronics you’re looking for. 

At the opening, the drawcard had to be the new HE1 top-of-the-line headphone with its priceless matching amplifier. The HE1 improves on the last Sennheiser flagship, the $80,000 Orpheus.

Luminaries attending the opening included Peter Ogley, the head of Sennheiser Consumer Products who felt the location of the new store had “heritage” written all over it.

He was reported as saying the store was designed to be inviting and inspirational. He said:

It was our goal to create an inviting and truly inspiring environment for our customers here in Australia. As a company, we believe in building relationships with our customers. This space will hopefully become a destination for unique listening experiences, special events and a chance to explore our range of innovative audio products.

The new Sennheiser Sydney store is an ideal location for consumers to sample a huge range of the brand’s products. The store will open seven days each week.

For more information visit Sennheiser.


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