Seebo Brings Entertainment to a New Level

Posted on 13th November, 2014

Seebo Brings Entertainment to a New Level

Seebo promises to be unlike any entertainment device you've used before. Combining a set-top box, with streaming and a media player, Seebo likely has a place in every loungeroom.

Entertaining Environments, a leading group representing independent AV retailers and custom integrators have been appointed the distributor of Seebo products in the CE channel in Australia.

“The free and pay TV markets continue to evolve at a rapid pace and industry players must adopt Overthe-Top (OTT) and TV Everywhere services in order to remain relevant. Seebo can deliver the content consumers demand when and where they want.” Rob Sanders, Founder of Entertaining Environments, told StereoNET.

Seebo MAXX

Seebo allows you to watch content from all over the world, record your favourite shows, listen to the latest music, connect all your devices, share with others and take total control of your viewing experience.

Seebo lets your access a huge range of content instantly through your TV, including movies, TV shows, news, sport, documentaries, and kids progrograms via a huge network of free IPTV channels, On Demand content libraries, Live TV and downloadable apps.

Also featuring a dual-band Personal Video Recorder (PVR), this allows you to easily pause, rewind and record live TV. Users can browse through the on-screen program guide and set Seebo to record upcoming programs and even record an entire series.

Seebo MAXX

Essentially becoming a media or entertainment 'hub', Seebo allows you to collate your favourite songs, radio stations, music libraries and podcasts in one central place. You can also manage Rdio, Pandora and iTunes playlists too.

“With a plethora of additional services such as Netflix due to come on line in Australia soon, Seebo is the only product poised to deliver now and into the future. It’s a unique and amazing opportunity for EE members and partners. It’s a great product designed by Australians for Australians, we’re very proud to represent them,” Sanders continued.

With the built-in WiFi, Seebo lets you connect all your smart devices (Apple, Android, smartphones and tablets) so you can share videos, photos, music and your favourite downloads. The included Seebo remote works on RF (radio frequency) meaning your don't need line of sight and can control your Seebo from anywhere in the house.

Seebo is also 'social'. If you really must, tell your friends what you’re watching or tweet about your favourite show, right there on the TV screen. If you really want to be connected, set up a “mySeebo” account to find and follow other Seebo users.

Seebo is so much more than a set top box. It’s a complete entertainment network.

The Seebo MAXX with dual HD tuner and 500GB drive will retail for $599 and is available from mid November.
Sanders also told us that Seebo MAXX is the first of several new products that will lead a range developing through 2015.

For more information visit Entertaining Environments.

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