Posted on 6th April, 2016


Announced today, Synchronised Technology will commence trading from 1st May, 2016, representing renowned and respected brands of audio equipment in both the Professional and Consumer Electronics markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Born from over 40 years of distribution and brand management experience, Synchronised Technology are no strangers to the import business. Michael Sloss, Managing Director of the new company previously headed up Syntec International, representing Sennheiser in Australia as well as many other specialist brands.

Michael Sloss told StereoNET:

Upon the successful sale of the Syntec International business in September 2013, we are now in a position with Synchronised Technology to continue on with our representation for key global brands across both Australia and/or New Zealand.

For over 40 years, Syntec International was proud to be a sales partner of many key global brands. With the benefit of the experience gained we are well positioned moving forward with the new company. We will not only be able to serve our own customers with our expertise and excellent service, but also extend this to the end-users of our distribution partner's products.

Synchronised Technology launches mid-year with already established and respected brands in their portfolio.

  • Fostex - representing their wide range of Recording Equipment and Speaker Componentry in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Beyerdynamic - representing the full portfolio of Consumer Headphones and Professional Headsets in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Rycote - representing their range of Windshield and Shock Mount Systems in Australia.
  • HeadsUp - Representing their full range of comtemporary, premium and cutting edge Headphone stands in Australia.

Joining the team and appointed to the role of National Sales & Marketing Manager for Synchronised Technology is Wayne Farran, an experienced sales and marketing executive with many years experience with Syntec, Sennheiser and other leading CE distributors in more recent years.

Synchronised Technology will be exhibiting their portfolio of brands at the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show, Stands C1 - C3.

For more information visit Syntec.

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