Posted on 23rd January, 2019


Roon's latest version 1.6 brings the brand new Roon Radio, integration with the Qobuz music service, and improvements to the user experience across several areas of the application.

The update became available to all users at 12 pm EST on January 22nd, 2019.

Roon has always been great at reconnecting you with the music you've collected over the years, but now Roon has an all-new way to create your personalised radio experience. Designed from the ground up with new machine learning technology, Roon Radio can play a mix of your favourites along with music from beyond your library, using the vast catalogue of music from TIDAL and Qobuz.

To get started, click the Roon Radio button on any album, artist, track, or genre from your library, TIDAL, or Qobuz!

Roon 1.6 Roon Radio

Roon Radio makes recommendations based on not only your music preferences but also those of other Roon subscribers with similar tastes in music. Use the thumbs up and down buttons to craft a personal, one-of-a-kind radio experience.

As you listen to and interact with Roon Radio over time, it learns more about what you like and helps you discover new music by curating great recommendations.

Uncompressed high-resolution music from Qobuz

Roon 1.6 Qobuz

These days there are many ways to get your music – streaming services, digital download stores, and internet radio stations – and Roon supports them all. Furthermore, they have now teamed up with Qobuz to integrate their streaming offering in Roon! This addition will certainly help me make more of my Qobuz subscription.

The latest update means that you can access the entire Qobuz catalogue in Roon, allowing you to take advantage of Roon’s metadata with all of your favourite Qobuz content.

Seamlessly sync your Roon and Qobuz collections, use Roon’s Versions to replace your lossy content with lossless versions from Qobuz, and fire up the new Roon Radio to start discovering more of what’s available from Qobuz.

A fresh new look

Roon 1.6 Now Playing

Thanks to the feedback from subscribers Roon has redesigned several critical areas to create Roon 1.6.

Now Playing, Search, and DSP screens have all received special attention, check out the screenshots and see how even easier Roon is to use.

Roon’s metadata takes the spotlight on Now Playing, displaying a high-resolution artist image, Real-Time Lyrics, credits, review, bio, and streaming resolution.

Roon 1.6 Search

Search prioritises the most relevant content in an easy-to-read layout and lets you toggle between seeing only what’s in your library, or including results from TIDAL and Qobuz.

Roon 1.6 DSP

Finally, the Roon DSP engine has been simplified to be more approachable and easy to understand, with a simple preset system that works across all devices, including your phone or tablet.

I for one am looking forward to firing up the new version later. For now though, Qobuz has not announced when its streaming service will become available in Australia.

For more information visit Roon.

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