Posted on 4th July, 2017


The whole world is rejoicing with the comeback of vinyl but there’s a few brands that never gave up on the format.

Is there a more famous name in turntables and analogue playback than Rega?

For the newcomer to vinyl, it’s likely your turntable’s cartridge will be pre-set from the factory but if you’ve opted for a higher-level model then you’ll need to ask your specialist dealer to do it for you.

For the enthusiast, a suitcase full of tools and gadgets is never more than an arm’s length away. Extracting that last bit of detail from the grooves of your favourite record requires knowledge, precision, and the right tools.Rega answer the call of setting up cartridge tracking weight with their new Atlas tracking force gauge.

Rega Atlas

The Rega Atlas tracking force gauge is designed to be easy use, consistent and exceptionally accurate.

As far as digital gauges go, there’s really only been just the one cheap product that seems to be a part of every enthusiast's ’kit’, and is offered with many different brand names stamped on it. They do the job, but with what level of accuracy is always a wonder.

The Atlas was apparently born out of the frustration of Rega engineers having used so many of these cheap gauges in their tonearm production, only to consistently fail after minimal use.

Inside the durable aluminium casework is a highly stable loadcell and precision amplification circuitry. There is also a custom designed front guard to protect the measuring element and provide easy alignment.

Rega says their engineers have meticulously selected each component to offer the highest possible performance..

Rega Atlas

Unlike the cheaper devices, the Atlas is also said to be shock resistant. It’s also conveniently portable with power supplied by a 9V battery.

Rega also says the intelligent design of the Atlas ensures the tracking force is measured in the same place every time allowing for very fine adjustment to two decimal places.

While the principle remains the same, the Atlas is built around precision and reliability enabling the Atlas to be part of the turntable enthusiast’s arsenal for many years.

The Rega Atlas will be available at selected retailers around the end of September 2017 and is expected to sell for $349 RRP.

For more information visit the Rega brand page.


  • Accuracy: +/-0.01 grams
  • Range: 0-3 grams
  • Safe Overload: 10 grams
  • Supply: 9V PP3 cell
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