Record Stores Are Still The Real Deal

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by Peter Familari

14th April, 2014

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Record Stores Are Still The Real Deal

Music downloads are here to stay, but browsing titles at a traditional music store remains as popular a past time as it has been for decades. To celebrate the art of browsing and the vendors who toil to bring new genres of music to our attention, Record Store Day Australia, was created and it’s been so well received it’s now in its sixth year.

The popular event takes place this year on April 19 through out the nation.

Vinyl sales are going ballistic proving consumers love to browse and peruse a physical object, read the liner notes and generally enjoy the company of other music lovers.

"People, who don’t know about the resurgence of vinyl ask me who buys it and I usually say anyone who doesn’t have cloth ears.  So many true music lovers are turning away from the flattened audio of an MP3 and want a warmer, richer sound and that’s where vinyl comes in. Sales of records are up 77% in the past twelve months, and Record Store Day Australia helps drive that." said George Papadopoulos, Chairman of AMRA, which runs Record Store Day Australia.

Record Store Day in 2013 saw one of the largest national sales figures for the physical product since the special day began in Australia 6 years ago, with stores reporting that it was better than Christmas and their biggest Saturday since the store began 25 years before. In store appearances, signings, special promotions, special releases were overwhelming endorsed by the music loving fans.

This year will see the same level of in store activity with the program to be released online as stores register and announce their Record Store Day activities. There will also be online competitions with great prizes to be won.

In short, this will be an enormously entertaining day celebrating music and musicians in all their myriad hues.

Record Store Day Australia is run by The Australian Music Retailers Association (AMRA) and has the unqualified support of record companies and Australian music icons who know the importance of supporting all specialist music stores.

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