rDock-uni from Arcam

Posted on 12th May, 2014

rDock-uni from Arcam

You can safely assume Arcam’s nicely priced rDock-uni will sound terrific. What else would you expect from this UK pedigree brand which has notched up more awards for its ranges of discrete audio-video gear than just about any of its rivals?

Priced at $399 the rDock is an audiophile quality docking destination for iPhone/Pad/Pod and which moreover delivers great sound quality, blissfully easy connectivity to just about any Hi-Fi, Home Cinema or Audio system. rDock also utilises the new Lightning connector for all current iDevices and USB for older ones, just Dock & Play! owned music AND stream Spotify, Qobuz, RDio, Deezer, Tune-in Radio etc.

rDock is the result of decades of Arcam experience building Digital and Analogue audio and it shows. Internally the rDock-uni features audiophile-grade circuitry designed for high sound pressure levels from a dock.

On offer are also a high-quality internal DAC, and the ability to send a digital signal directly to an external audiophile DAC.

Arcam MD Charlie Brennan told StereoNET “Amidst all the fuss about wireless connectivity (including ours :-) the simplest and best solutions can often be ignored. The rDock is the best way to get killer sound from an iPhone/Pod/Pad”.

rDock is compatible with iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c & iPad Mini / rMini / 4 / Air and 30 pin iDevices via USB connection - for all older iPhones/Pod & Pads

Built primarily for sound the rDock extracts pure digital audio from the iDevice and processes the music via an audiophile DAC, the Burr-Brown / TI PCM1502 and a Arcam’s de-jittering circuitry, giving a huge improvement in sound quality over the ‘i’ standard audio out. The analogue stereo out goes straight to any form of audio system, or to improve the sound even further, the pure digital signal can be fed to a higher grade DAC such as Arcam’s irDAC or FMJ D33.

And in what’s a bonus there’s no Wi-fi or Bluetooth required. No need to worry about wireless problems or phone battery life, Arcam says just drop the device onto the dock and touch play or use the remote control supplied. The device is charged while playing.

There are no connection issues thanks to perfect connections every time and future-proofing through iOS updates, Arcam only uses genuine Apple Certified “Made For” Lightning connectors with the correct authentificatiion chip.

The rDock-uni also allows users to connect any older 30-pin iDevice to the dock via a rear-mounted USB connector.

rDock comes with everything; a full complement of connection cables and accessories, the rDock-uni can be ready to play music in minutes.


  • DAC
    Burr-Brown/TI PCM1502
  • Audio       
    Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz, +0 -0.2dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.002%
    Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted): 106dB (24-bit)
    Maximum output level: 2.15V RMS
  • General    
    Power requirements: 5V DC, 3A
    Dimensions: W100 x H65 x D72mm (80mm inc connectors)
    Weight: 400g

For more information visit Arcam.

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