RD Acoustic Panels Will Improve Your Listening Space’s Sound

Posted on 27th October, 2020

RD Acoustic Panels Will Improve Your Listening Space’s Sound

Melbourne-based distributor, Nirvana Sound, and its unparalleled high-end brand portfolio is set to be bolstered by the arrival of the Czech Republic acoustic solutions brand, RD Acoustic.

In the pursuit of a more engaging, enjoyable sound, Audiophiles tend to place the primary importance on their equipment choices. This comes at the cost of what is unquestionably as crucial, the room itself.

Nirvana Sound is only too aware of this and scoured the globe for a solution, and this week were awarded distribution rights to RD Acoustic. The company was founded by audio purists Radovan Řehořek and David Piska; a small company but one that is making a rather large impact in the world of high-end audio.

Its new hybrid diffuser panels are said to be the result of extensive research and represent a significant step forward in the field of acoustic treatment of listening spaces. While dampening reflected acoustic waves in one plane, they evenly diffuse them in the other.

RD Acoustic incorporated a circular diffusion pattern and designed two versions of the hybrid diffuser. The ‘D’ version has a greater diffusion efficiency and is available in 3 dispersion patterns. The ‘A’ version has a greater absorption efficiency and is also available in 3 dispersion patterns. 

Prices start from $1,990 for a 1m x 1m panel and panels can be manufactured to custom dimensions and finishes.

RD Acoustic has also developed an acoustic diffuser based on what it says is a very efficient quadratic formula, preventing unwanted sound wave reflections in the listening space. It achieves better in-room acoustics by evenly diffusing sound waves.

The RD Acoustic Hybrid Diffusers are available now and on demonstration at Nirvana Sound in Melbourne.

For more information, visit RD Acoustic


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