PS Audio Sprouts a New Shoot

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by Marc Rushton

10th May, 2014

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PS Audio Sprouts a New Shoot

PS Audio's CEO Paul McGowan announces an off-shoot, aptly named 'Sprout', an all-in-one device with an impressive feature set and affordable price.

'Sprout' is the brainchild of CEO Paul McGowan's son, Scott. According to McGowan, "Scott loves music in a way that makes many of us look pale in comparison.  His kind of music, live music, concerts, friends, turntables, and lots and lots of music.".

McGowan Snr. announced via PS Audio's community forum recently that Sprout started two years ago when Scott had dreamt of a product that offers a live, high-fidelity sound, but wanted to cater for a mix of both worlds, being vinyl and streaming from smartphones. The product had to be affordable, compact and all-in-one.

PS Audio Sprout

Like any proud father, McGowan Snr. harnessed and encouraged this passion, "So we gave him the reins and said yes, it can be done, but it's a tough big project. It was important to Scott that every single detail was perfect: the sound, the look, the feel, the price, the accessories, the manual, the packaging. And over two years he's really thought of nothing else."

"We've gotten it built, but only a few and they are prototypes.  There's much more to go if it's ever going to be a real product that we make a lot of (tooling, inventories, etc.).  All the feature sets, looks and feel are cemented at this point.  And it sounds freaking awesome!  This product just is amazing." Said McGowan Snr.

  • 50 watts per channel (4 Ohm) stereo power amp

  • Passive EQ MM phono preamplifier built in

  • Line level analog input

  • Line level analog output

  • Asynchronous 192kHz/24 bit DAC

  • USB and coax inputs for digital

  • aptX Bluetooth streaming

  • No silly wall wart power supply.  AC inlet with real IEC connector

  • About the size of a novel

  • $799 USD

PS Audio Sprout

That's certainly an impressive feature-set, and if PS Audio's reputable name is even remotely attached to this off-shoot, one could assume it will be of considerable quality.

Sprout will be on demonstration at the coming Hi End Hi-Fi show in Munich next week and we look forward to the first reviews and feedback that will no doubt begin popping up in Audiophile circles around the 'net.

Actual production of Sprout is not confirmed at this stage, and the product may be launched as a Kickstarter project at a later date.

Update June 17th, 2014: The Kickstarter Campaign has launched. Don't get too excited however - they're not shipping outside US sadly.

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