Posted on 20th August, 2018


Viennese vinyl fanatics, Pro-Ject, have released its new Primary E turntable.

Since launching in October 2016, Pro-Ject’s Primary turntable has been an international success. Just as the now ubiquitous Debut turntable before it, the Primary was initially designed to bring real quality audio to those on a tight budget. Over the last two years, it has won many fans thanks to its mix of ease of ownership, keen price point and audio performance.

Pro-Ject aims to provide customers with a high-quality “Made in Europe” turntable that doesn’t break the bank, so they’ve updated the Primary making it more affordable than ever before, without losing the quality fans of the brand have come to expect.

The Primary E still takes its overall design inspiration from a merging of the accomplished Elemental and the multi-award-winning Essential II turntable designs. This combination results in a design that provides traditional aesthetics and high-quality performance.

The Primary E retains the same 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm as the Elemental, with sapphire bearings for optimal tracking. The tonearm is pre-configured and specially engineered to perfectly match the supplied Ortofon OM cartridge. This means there's no need for you to set-up the tracking force or anti-skate during installation.

However, new for the Primary E is a direct-to-mains 230V motor. The design has proven to work to a high standard on other favourite Pro-Ject products, including the original award-winning Debut Carbon. By removing the need for an external wall-wart power supply, the Primary E eliminates the need for any additional power signal processing but still retains a quiet, consistent motor rotation. The motor itself powers the same perimeter drive belt system as the first Primary.

The new turntable shares the Essential II’s high-quality wood construction and the purpose-designed wood platter/felt mat combination for a lively, involving sound performance. The plinth is finished in matte black, and the table comes with a detachable dust cover.

The Primary E sets out to prove that hi-fi quality turntables don’t need to be complicated. Just install the belt and connect it to a system with an MM phono stage to enjoy vinyl playback on an affordable device.

The Pro-Ject Primary E is available now in Matt Black or White finish and sells in Australia for $349 RRP. Australia's Pro-Ject distributor, Interdyn, tells us there's also an upgraded version available with an acrylic platter, which sells for $449 RRP. The Matt Black version is available now, with Matt White finish coming soon.

For more information visit Pro-Ject.

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