Posted on 8th May, 2018


Talk about a head turner!

It’s yellow, it’s bright, and it has the shape of the iconic yellow submarine from the Beatle’s much-loved movie of the same name, but it’s a turntable.

Pro-Ject has a smash hit on its hands in the unique, funky shape of its Yellow Submarine turntable that will be launched at Munich's High End Show this week.

It’s hard to go beyond the dazzling shape and colour of this turntable. It’s so cool looking. But pry beyond the submarine plinth, and you’ll discover a decent quality belt driven vinyl spinner.

Pro-Ject has given the Yellow Submarine a glass platter and a highly precise and light aluminium tonearm that comes with an Ortofon Concorde MM cartridge.

A part of Pro-Ject’s Collector’s Edition models, the Yellow Submarine is handmade in Europe and here’s betting it’s a showstopper.

Number five model in Project’s Beatle Series, the Yellow Submarine celebrates the movie released in April 1968. Restored and remastered by Apple Corps LTD and Universal Music, the movie will be released soon with a remixed 5.1 channel sound.

At Munich, Pro-Ject will also launch its response to the increasing in popularity All-In-One Hi-Fi systems. Called the Juke Box S2, this model is a turntable with an acrylic platter plus a preamp and 50-watt per channel amplifier built into its plinth.

The S2 also carries Bluetooth technology, comes with an 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm with a Pick-It 2A cartridge and remote control.

The natural partner for the Juke Box S2 is the Stream Box S2 that will also be launched at the same time. This two box streamer supports most streaming services including Spotify and TIDAL.

Pro-ject has given the Stream Box the Shoutcast app that allows users access to Internet radio and two USB inputs. One is on the front faScia, the other on the rear.

The internal DAC supports files up to PCM 32bit/352.8khz and DSD256. Good news for digital aficionados, the Stream Box S2 is also Roon Ready.

Local pricing and availability are not confirmed yet so stay tuned for more information following the Munich High End Show.


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