Posted on 21st June, 2018


OPPO's departure from the market sure upset Blu-ray consumers around the globe earlier this year. The shock announcement no doubt pushed production schedules of other manufacturers into overdrive, and Pioneer has come to the 4K Blu-ray player party.

Little is known officially just yet on its new UDP-LX500 player, but after initially teasing the market back in April, images and limited information is now emerging.

So far, all reference to this Universal Disc Player includes the (Japan) annotation, but we'll eat our hats if this one doesn't distribute globally.

With the wraps uncovered at an AV show in Japan last weekend (shown below), and the absence of any specification just yet, we now have proof of life for the UDP-LX500.

You can't blame OPPO for its decision to focus on the market that is completely embracing its mobile phones. 4K Blu-ray players fall short in demand in these days of streaming content.

So we wait with anticipation for now to discover the true capabilities of the new 4K spinner - Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ ... all questions remaining unanswered for now, despite our best efforts at bringing you the latest. And of course, then there's the question of price.

While OPPO attracted an early, almost cult following, it was exceptional value that won over a lot of fans. The brand's pricing did continue to increase over the years, but it did so in harmony with the brand's products, capabilities, and of course, reliability.

Let's hope the Pioneer delivers in OPPO's absence, and that it's priced fairly.

For now, we can only suggest you bookmark this link and wait for more to emerge.

For more information visit Pioneer.

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