Philips SHB9850NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Posted on 6th September, 2016

Philips SHB9850NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you're looking for a feature packed pair of headphones with noise cancellation without breaking the bank, then the ... wait for it, SHB9850NC ... headphones from Philips might be the ticket. The model number might be a mouthful, but it's the sound, fit and features that matter.

The latest release from the Philips stable have been designed with the traveler and commuter in mind; light-weight, noise cancellation, long battery life and high-performance sound.

These headphones harness 40mm Neodymium drivers combined with a closed-back acoustic system design and over-ear sealing that Philips say “provides an excellent and impressive precision sound.”

Philips SHB9850NC Headphones, Australia

They also feature the power of Philips ActiveShield Pro which is a hybrid active noise canceling technology. This features four microphones; two feed-backward microphones are used for canceling low frequencies while feed-forward microphones extend the bandwidth of noise cancellation into mid and high frequencies. This combination ensures cancellation over a wide frequency range and a greater degree of music optimisation in any environment.

For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 is used which allows two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. Simply pair up the two devices to enjoy movies and music while effortlessly taking calls in between.

The user-friendly Smart touch controls on the right ear shell give control of your music and calls with a tap or a swipe. Tap to play, pause music and answering calls, swipe sideway to change tracks and swipe up and down to change volume.

Philips SHB9850NC Noise Cancelling Headphones

Philips say the SHB9850NC headphones allow for 16 hours of continuous music playback even with Bluetooth and Active Noise Canceling on, or 28 hours when only Bluetooth is on and 33 hours when only ANC is on. Most importantly, unlike other noise-cancelling headphones, these will work with or without the battery. So if you do happen to run out of juice simply plus the audio cable and continue to enjoy your music.

The Philips SHB9850NC noise-cancelling headphones are available now for $299.95 RRP.

Philips is distributed in Australia by Powermove.

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