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by Peter Familari

11th April, 2019


Two beauties for the price of one ... Discerning audiophiles who pony up for Parasound’s NewClassic 200 Pre get an analogue preamp and a DAC for the accessible price of $1,795 RRP.

Both the pre and DAC are presented in a rather swish, sleek, slimline chassis that looks very modern and totally at home in the digital era.

Parasound is understandably lauding the 200  Pre saying it represents a new generation of affordable, high-performance audio products from its design team.

And why not? The positivity is on the money. The 200 Pre is not only affordable; it's also a versatile analogue signal path with analogue bass management that includes high pass and low pass outputs.

Its flexibility ensures the 200 Pre offers users a bundle of source input options including Moving Coil/Moving Magnet phono, two line inputs, theatre bypass for left, right channels and two subwoofers, digital USB, Coax and Optical inputs and a front panel Auxiliary line level input with an automatic 12 dB of gain that is simply dandy for personal portable devices.

Under the hood, the 200 Pre converts the signal using a Burr-Brown 192kHz-24 bit which is sourced from the brand’s Halo P5 model.

Subwoofer owners will like the feature of analogue bass management with its variable 20-140Hz high pass crossover, and they’ll also like the way subs can be powered on/off and the level adjusted by the 200 Pre’s remote.

Other features abound including variable and fixed stereo outputs, bypass input for surround sound or music streamer integration, default turn-on-volume memory, favourite volume memory with remote control button, input level matching, remote controlled bass, treble and balance adjustments, front panel LCD display with dimming option, inputs that can be renamed to match a connected source, 12v trigger output and rear panel IR input.

As well, the 200 Pre has a dedicated headphone amplifier, and Parasound says Control4 drivers and module for integration will be available soon.

The Parasound NewClassis 200 Pre shapes up as a full package and one that demands to be auditioned.

For more information visit Parasound.

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