Posted on 16th April, 2018


Anyone with a small wallet and a desire for a realistic sounding audio system should head straight to the Albert Room at this year’s Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.

Greg Osborn, chief designer and founder of Osborn Loudspeakers pointed out his previous show systems were on the grand side. They attracted plenty of admirers and heaps of praise.

But he was pleasantly surprised when he powered up an affordable system featuring a CD player, modestly sized amplifier and a pair of affordable Osborn loudspeakers.

He said:

People came in and saw loads of expensive stuff and were impressed. But they were blown away by the sound of a budget-priced Osborn audio system and stayed to listen for a long time.

So at this year’s show, I’m demonstrating one system comprising one integrated amplifier, DAC/Streamer and a pair of Osborn Reference Epitome Tower speakers. I'll swap between those, a pair of Reference Eclipse Tower speakers and my mighty capable Eos bookshelves as well.

Osborn has chosen the Consonance Cyber 880i integrated amp and a Consonance Reference 8 Pro DAC/Streamer to drive his speakers.

Like Osborn Loudspeakers, Consonance is a brand that has attracted a cult-like but growing following for its high performance, but affordable pricing.

The Osborn Loudspeaker display at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show will be packed full and sure to find plenty of admirers for its affordable contribution to great sound.

Coinciding with this year's exhibition the Osborn Loudspeakers website has also been completely overhauled, and arguably well overdue.

Check out Osborn Loudspeakers and take advantage of their complimentary Melbourne Airport pickup and drop off service if you're interested in a no-obligation demonstration of the product range.

Osborn Loudspeakers will exhibit in the Albert Room at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, October 12-14, 2018. Tickets on sale now.

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