Osborn Loudspeakers On Sale

Posted on 16th June, 2015

Osborn Loudspeakers On Sale

Since 1984 Greg Osborn has been producing loudspeakers that have been exported across just about all continents of the globe. Osborn Loudspeakers were even chosen specifically by the Sultan of Brunei to replace existing speakers costing $100,000.

Osborn's direct to customer sales model helps keep pricing down, and value up. In fact, after the Australian Audio & AV Show 2014 we said:

For under $20,000 and with the law of diminishing returns in mind, by comparison the ultra affordability of Osborn Loudspeakers flagship range means you'd likely be hard pressed to find a better value loudspeaker on the Australian market.

Michael Fremer of Stereophile also had some pleasant words to say about the same show and Osborn's room.

In a very rare move for Osborn Loudspeakers, the entire range of Osborn Loudspeakers is currently on sale until the end of the financial year. And the savings don't end there. As the sole importer of brands including Consonance, AM Music, Convergent Audio Technology and Audio Aero, there's 12.5% off those ranges also.

The Osborn Grand Monument Reference are truly a world-class loudspeaker, and really need to be heard to be appreciated. Just shy of $20,000 during the sale, Greg also offers a no-obligation, money back guarantee where the speakers are returned undamaged, within 30 days. According to Greg the guarantee has not been needed once in 30 years!

To check out the pricing or to organise an audition, contact Osborn Loudspeakers. They even offer a personal pickup and drop-off from Melbourne Airport.

For more information visit Osborn Loudspeakers.

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