Posted on 7th March, 2018


Optoma's new HD27e that replaces the HD27 has full High Definition specs. It also promises to be brighter, has better contrast and a longer lamp life than the model it replaces.

Projector prices have been plunging for about a decade, but the feature and quality count continues to rise. The HD27e is no exception.

The HD27e offers Full HD 1080p resolution, a maximum image size of 301-inches, native 16:9 aspect ratio, and a stated contrast ratio of 25,000:1.

Connections include two HDMI ports with MHL support. USB input is also provided and simply invites your streaming sticks, pocket PCs and mobile devices to be used straight from the powered USB port (5V/1A).

Most people will want to use a projector with a decent surround system. But in environments where this isn’t an option, the HD27e has the built-in audio played through its 10-watt speaker. Not ideal, but handy all the same.

As for the HD27e’s lamp life, Optoma says you can expect up to 15,000 hours if you use the HD27e in ECO+ mode.

A high contrast model, the HD27e boasts a decent colour gamut and achieves close to the REC.709 colour gamut that is the international HDTV standard that guarantees accurate reproduction of cinema quality colour just like Hollywood says you should have.

The HD27e will please video gamers because it can display true HD content from just about any 3D source including game consoles.

Sitting close to the HD27e is no problem since it’s a low noise model and in ECO mode has a noise level of just 25dB. That’s whisper quiet.

The HD27e is priced at NZD $2,317, UK £549.99, USD $649. Multiple attempts to discover Australian pricing and availability from Optoma's Australian distributor and its PR agency went unanswered.

For more information visit Optoma.

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