Posted on 6th September, 2019


One of the most important and often overlooked components of a well-balanced audio or cinema system is the room itself. 

For those fortunate enough to be in the planning or building stages of their home, there are several things you can do to improve the acoustics of your room.

CSR Gyprock offers a number of wall and ceiling systems that work in with their plasterboard product options, designed to keep noise in check. 

Gyprock's Superchek 10mm thick plasterboard is the premium choice for noise control, allowing you to reduce noise transfer within your home as well as effectively resisting damage caused by soft and hard impact. 

Superchek is the highest specification plasterboard in Gyprock's residential range. Its high recycled content increases density and board strength that Gyprock says delivers exceptional impact resistance and noise control.

More commonly known for media and cinema rooms is Gyprock Soundchek. Australia's first acoustic plasterboard, and available in both 10mm and 13mm thicknesses, it's designed to reduce the transfer of unwanted noises through walls and ceilings. Soundchek's lightweight design means it is easily attached to single or double-stud walls or masonry walls. 

Gyprock Soundchek features a specially formulated dense core to increase its sound transmission performance and provide a higher level of soft and hard body impact resistance. Soundchek provides effective airborne noise and impact noise insulation.

You can also combine either Superchek or Soundchek with bulk acoustic insulation in the wall cavity for increased noise control.

Therese Tarlinton, Gyprock Marketing Communications Manager, told StereoNET:

Home theatres, entertainment rooms or other special-purpose rooms with high noise levels, such as music and rumpus rooms, are typical areas that need to be considered for noise transfer.

With some basic understanding of building acoustics and careful consideration of the room use and layout of your home or extension, you can create quiet zones where you need them and keep noise contained.

Gyprock says that walls lined with Superchek provide a 15 per cent reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard, while Soundchek cuts it down by between 50 per cent and 70 per cent, meaning you can keep noise in its place while enjoying your favourite album or movie.

So while you are in the planning stages of your new home or media room makeover, be sure to talk to your builder about Gyprock's noise control products.

Both Soundchek and Superchek are available now from CSR Gyprock suppliers.


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