Oppo BDP-105D Hits Australia

Posted on 21st January, 2014

Oppo BDP-105D Hits Australia

Oppo Adds The New BDP-105D Darbee and DSD Edition Universal Blu-Ray Player To Its Best Selling Range

Universal Blu-ray player maestro brand Oppo has improved its already deeply impressive BDP105 model by designing a new flagship called the BDP-105D.

Key benefits of the new design are the inclusion of Darbee Visual Presence video enhancement technology and support for all the variants of the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format.

These two leading edge features ensure in terms of hi-res video and hi-def sound quality the Oppo 105D remains streets ahead of its horde of rivalsKEF  at its price point and those several times above.

Dac quality hasn’t been an afterthought either with the BDP-105 employing a twin pair of SABRE32 Reference ES9018 DAC chips sourced from ESS Technology who developed the chips for hi-end consumer and professional studio users.

The new BDP105D has a $1699 RRP and is Distributed in Australia by International Dynamics.

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