Posted on 13th March, 2018


Open Audio Design or 'OAD' is a Melbourne based manufacturer of world-class HiFi electronics that has released two brand new and state-of-the-art products.

Designer Jon DeSensi has teamed up with distributors Pure Music Group to represent the brand in Australia and will officially launch at a special event at Sonic Purity in Moorabbin, Victoria, Wednesday 21st March.

Jon DeSensi released a high-end DAC decades ago. The sound, build, styling and affordable price were so enticing that I bought one.

After a long hiatus, Jon is back with a pre and power amplifier combo that promises to be something a wee bit special.

The CP1 Control Pre has a swish touch panel display and take my word, is certainly superbly built and styled. Inside, attention has been lavished on the circuit including custom-made bulk metal foil resistors originally designed for the aerospace industry as the perfect resistor.

The CP1 uses these in selected areas of the signal path as well as direct coupling to remove all capacitor colouration.

The CP1 has eight discrete power supplies, four for each channel. Input and output signals are routed through the highest-grade silver-plated oxygen free copper RCA connectors.

Input connection is via highest grade gold plated Swiss made relays, and only the selected input is connected. All others are isolated. The CP1’s volume control employs laser cut, precision, low-noise and zero induction resistors. It handles both volume and balance modes.

The matching UF1 power amp generates 200 watts per channel. It uses bipolar transistors and omits an output transformer. In its place are Thermaltrak output transistors.

The OAD Ultrafidelity CP1 control amp is $6500, and the matching UF1 power amp is $6300.

Both products will be demonstrated with designer Jon DeSensi on hand to answer questions at the launch event, Wednesday the 21st of March at 7.30pm at Sonic Purity, Moorabbin.

Places are limited, so those wishing to attend should RSVP here.


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