Posted on 25th May, 2018


It’s onwards and upwards for Advance Audio Australia. The Sydney based audio-video distributor has promoted Nigel Ng to the position of General Manager.

Nigel will head an expanded team and oversee a who’s who of elite audio brands that include Wilson Audio, dCS, Arcam, Dan D’Agostino, Definitive Technology, Hegel, KEF, Kordz, Linn, Lyngdorf, Nordost, Soundcast, Steinway Lyngdorf, and many others.

The new operating structure will see Nigel Ng dividing Advance Audio into distinct parts that comprise a marketing team, an operations team and a support team with each interlocking and focused on overall growth.

Advance Audio’s previous business model saw product managers in charge of everything product related such as sourcing new brands, logistics, customs, accounting, technical service and sales.

The model was felt to have inbuilt limitations.

Nigel Ng, General Manager at Advance Audio told StereoNET:

Good product managers are hard to find. When they move on they take a lot of knowledge and networked relationships with them.

Having multiple product managers tends to be an uneconomic use of common resources such as warehousing, support and marketing, and it leads to multiple divisions competing for the same internal resources.

The highly credentialed Ng studied for a dual degree in Aerospace Engineering and Physics at university.

Sam Di Maria - Sales Operations Manager (left), Nigel Ng - General Manager (middle), Simon Z - Marketing Manager (right)

His link to Advance Audio began when he completed two weeks of work experience at the company’s Audio Connection store during high school.

He was hooked.

After completing his degree, Nigel returned to Australia in 2011 to work in marketing and administration at Advance Audio.

A career move that has now clearly yielded dividends.

Nigel Ng has a clear vision of Advance Audio’s future direction.

He said:

One word sums it up and that word is “focus”. We will consolidate our product portfolio to focus on a few brands and represent them to the best of our ability rather than have thirty or forty brands to manage.

As for brands, it’s clear we will hone in on the best quality available. It’s an exciting time with a whole batch of new models on the way such as Arcam’s new HAD range and with Clearaudio poised to launch the new family of Concept products.

Industry veterans confirm Nigel Ng’s appointment along with the company's current restructure will position Advance Audio as one of Australia’s most important distributors and ensure steady growth well into the future.

For more information visit Advance Audio.

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