Posted on 15th March, 2019


Onkyo's new A-9110 and digital-audio-ready Onkyo A-9130 integrated amplifiers promise outstanding performance pitched at audiophiles on a tight budget.

.Both amps are said to feature “custom-made or hand-selected parts, simplified and shortened signal-path topology, and specialised tuning to burnish a golden hi-fi audio.”

Implementing two large custom-made main audio capacitors, and discrete power transistors, Onkyo says the key to the amps' lively dynamics is its  WRAT (Wide Range Amplification Technology).

High-current capability assures instantaneous response to speaker-impedance fluctuations while precisely controlling the drivers for accurate, yet musical expression.

The A-9110 features four RCA line-level inputs, while the A-9130 features five gold plated line-level inputs, plus MM phono inputs. There's also subwoofer outputs and non-magnetic speaker binding posts.

The A-9130 also adds coaxial and optical digital audio inputs with signals decoded by a Wolfson WM8718 DAC supporting 192 kHz/24-bit audio playback. 

The A-9110 receives a significant upgrade to casework rigidity over the A-9010. Both the A-9110 and A-9130 have thick 1.6 mm metal chassis to dampen vibration and associated noise in concert with large insulators.

Onkyo says its “sound designers tuned the amplifiers to achieve a warm, rich, and full tonal character, made possible with a blend of custom-fabricated and hand-selected high-quality parts. These bass-rich amplifiers are very smooth and unfatiguing to enjoy for long periods of time.”

The Onkyo A-9110 Stereo Integrated Amplifier is rated at 2 x 50w (4 Ohms) and sells for RRP $529 while the Onkyo A-9130 Stereo Integrated Amplifier is rated at 2 x 60w (4 Ohms) and retails for RRP $599.

Both models are available now.

For more information visit Onkyo.


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