Posted on 5th July, 2019


Onkyo has refreshed its entry-level AV Receiver line-up and launched two new AV Receivers this week promising immersive sound flexibility while simplifying next-generation home entertainment.

Onkyo's 5.2-channel TX-SR393 and 7.2-channel TX-SR494 AV receivers include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding, along with ARC-enabled output with pass-through support for 4K/60p and HDR (Dolby Vision®, HDR10, HLG, and BT.2020) with 4:4:4 colour sub-sampling.

When playing any Dolby format, engaging Dolby Atmos Height Virtualiser enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect. DTS Virtual:X™ creates a 3D sound-field with DSP-based algorithms, wrapping the user in audio from all directions through any speaker layout without surround or height speaker connection.  

While 3D sound virtualisation creates a spatial sound-field from as few as 2.1 channels, the TX-SR393 offers real 5.2-channel or 3.2.2-channel surround-sound and the TX-SR494 offers real 7.2-channel, 5.2.2-channel, or 5.2-channel surround-sound.

DSP-based Vocal Enhancer is also a new feature which allows users to raise or lower vocal frequencies using the remote controller or front-panel VOCAL buttons, clarifying movie or TV dialogue audibility in seconds.

Both models feature Onkyo's AccuEQ automatic calibration system to optimise the speakers for the room's acoustic properties and the listening position.

With four HDMI inputs, all the latest spec video signals are catered for with 4K UHD / 60 frames per second, a 4:4:4 colourspace, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.

For those seeking an affordable, high-quality home theatre with the latest technology, the Onkyo TX-SR393 and TX-SR494 AV receivers provide realistic surround sound without investing in additional speakers.

Available now, the Onkyo TX-SR393 5.2 (3.2.2) channel AV receiver sells for AUD 699 RRP, while the Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2 (5.2.2) channel AV receiver sells for AUD 999 RRP.

For more information, visit Onkyo.


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