Posted on 30th May, 2019


Open Audio Designs, or OAD Ultrafidelity, the relatively new Australian audio manufacturer headed up by John DeSensi has announced the release of its first Phono Preamplifier, UP1.

After a long period of development and refinement, OAD Ultrafidelity is confident it's time to release the UP1 to the market.

The UP1 is a direct coupled low noise amplification design, that it says is capable of faithfully reproducing vinyl recordings in a way that has never before been available at this price point.

Sporting an anodised fully CNC machined chassis that weighs 2.3kg and utilising separate circuit boards for left and right audio channels, the external ultra-low noise linear regulated power supply comprises 30,000uF of capacitance.

The UP1 is equipped with one set of RCA input jacks and two pairs of output jacks. Both single-ended and balanced outputs are catered for, and each channel has two banks of DIP switches. One bank provides for a large selection of input impedance values from 22 to 47k Ohms; additional capacitance; and Moving Magnet/Moving Coil selection. The second bank of switches sets the overall gain for your cartridge from 40db up to 80dB. 

With ample adjustability and gain, there is no MC or MM phono cartridge that the UP1 will not be compatible with.

Warwick Freemantle of Pure Music Group which distributes OAD Ultrafidelity in Australia told StereoNET:

Of course specifications are one thing, but we can confirm from listening that the transparency, resolution, dynamics and overall musical engagement we expect from top-level vinyl playback is all there with the UP1, which we believe is truly a breakthrough product at its price point.

The OAD Ultrafidelity UP1 is available now for $2,799 RRP.

For more information visit Open Audio Designs.


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