Posted on 25th May, 2019


Nura, the headphone brand that launched the world's first adaptive and smart headphones with Nuraphone has today announced its ground-breaking headphone subscription service.

NuraNow is an innovative service that offers users the chance to enjoy Nuraphone headphones on a monthly plan, starting at just $10 per month.

Set to disrupt the headphone market, not only does Nuraphone become incredibly affordable, but it gives the consumer the chance to pay as they play with a flat monthly fee, no contract and the ability to cancel at any time.

The monthly plan also includes a hardware refresh or option to acquire the latest and greatest product offering from Nura every 24-months. Nura says other benefits include exclusive content from artists associated with Nura, a chance to win gig tickets, free music downloads and exclusive merchandise.

Dragan Petrović, Nura CEO, told StereoNET:

At Nura, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible music experience to our community and continuing to make the experience even better over time. NuraNow subscribers will be able to get, not only our software updates but also a new device from Nura every 24 months.

NuraNow also gives subscribers peace of mind with a worry-free warranty, fixing or replacing the headphones, including accidental damage or loss.

The NuraNow program is now available in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

NuraNow plans start at $10 per month ($130 up-front fee), $15 per month ($30 up-front fee), or $18 per month with no up-front payment.

To get on-board the Nura phenomenon, visit NuraNow.


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