Posted on 2nd February, 2019


Two names in the home cinema market are red hot right now. A smart decision made by someone, somewhere, has ensured we're going to be hearing a lot more about these brands.

Australia's own Krix has already made a big name for itself in the commercial cinema speaker space, and more recently, in homes with its MX Series of modular cinema loudspeakers.

Meanwhile, France's Trinnov Audio has emerged as the AV electronics brand of choice for high-end cinemas with its range of processors catering from 8 through to 34 discrete channels.

Krix has already distributed Trinnov Audio processors within the commercial cinema market in both Asia and Australia for twelve months, but Krix has now also been appointed as the residential system's distributor of Trinnov in Australia. This means that the Adelaide-based company can now supply Trinnov products with its domestic cinema systems.

Michael Cox, Marketing Manager for Krix, told StereoNET:

By pairing Trinnov’s world-leading digital processing and room correction technology with our patented horn and speaker technology, we are now able to offer the very highest level of sound reproduction in residential home cinemas.

Krix and Trinnov successfully demonstrated the world's first Dolby Atmos 24.10.10 system at the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show in October 2018. The exhibition displayed the capabilities and tremendous performance of both brands and no doubt, aided in the decision-making process of the strengthened partnership going forward.

Tom Garrett, International Sales Manager for Trinnov added:

Working with Krix over the last year has revealed a great synergy between the two companies. We’re very impressed with the performance of both the commercial cinema and residential speaker ranges. So much so that we’ve now outfitted our new training center in Paris with Krix speakers.

Cogworks remains the Australian distributor of Trinnov Audio to its Australian wide specialist and installer network.

Here at StereoNET, we look forward to the fruits of this partnership and what both brands will undoubtedly achieve by working closer together.

For more information visit Trinnov Audio | Krix Loudspeakers


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