New Stream Audio Interconnects from Wireworld

Posted on 27th August, 2020

New Stream Audio Interconnects from Wireworld

Wireworld, the trusted and respected American cable manufacturer, has released its new Stream range of audio interconnect cables.

The Stream audio interconnects are said to be highly flexible 25-gauge cables and a welcome feature for installers and enthusiasts. They boast Wireworld's patented DNA Helix conductor geometry with 100% shielding and proprietary Composilex 3 insulation, which is said to “improve the fidelity of consumer and professional audio systems.”

Wireworld said they developed these features through listening tests that compared prototype cables to virtually loss-free direct connections between components.

The patented DNA Helix (Delineated Neutralizing Array) conductor geometry features a twisted, two-layer internal structure with eight separate strands completely in parallel to avoid the electromagnetic 'eddy current' losses caused by conventional stranded and solid  conductors. This unique technology reduces timing errors to provide audible and measurable improvements in preserving musical detail, natural tone quality and dynamic expression.

While Wireworld's “100% coverage” shields are said to be very effective at blocking external interference, audible triboelectric noise is actually generated inside cables, according to the company. Wireworld has developed its now third-generation composite insulations called 'Composilex' over the last decade. “Composilex 3 insulation materials minimize triboelectric noise to reveal the lifelike harmonic structure and spatiality of the original sound.”

A range of lengths is available at dealers now. Prices start at $59/1m pair for the Stream interconnects, while the Stream subwoofer cables start $69/4m cable.

For more information visit Wireworld


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