Posted on 21st May, 2019


Luxury brand Bang & Olufsen is on a roll with a suite of recent new releases and product updates with Beoplay H9 Headphones, Beoplay A9 and Beosound Edge Brass.

It's new flagship headphones, Beoplay H9 combines luxurious and light-weight materials for enhanced comfort, and adds the convenience of a dedicated voice assistant button.

Beoplay H9 sees an increase over the previous model boasting an additional 7 hours, for a total of 25 hours playing time with Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling (ANC) turned on, making them the perfect travel companion for long-haul flights.

You can also download B&O's app for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android to personalise your listening experience by fine-tuning the tonality and sound stage with the ToneTouch feature.

Available soon, Beoplay H9 will be available in Matte Black and Argilla Bright and will sell for $840 RRP.

Also announced this month is Bang & Olufsen's latest edition of its iconic speaker, the Beoplay A9. 

Widely recognised as one of the most distinctive and successful integrations of sound and beauty, the 2019 update of A9 builds upon the original wireless home speaker first designed in 2012.

The A9 can either stand on three wooden legs or hang on a wall to fill any living space. 

To control the speaker, all you need to do is gently slide your hand across its surface to adjust the volume and simply tap to skip, play and pause. 

The new release sees the introduction of Google Assistant, allowing users to instruct the speaker by the sound of their voice. 

It also features Active Room Compensation which optimises the sound performance based on the surroundings, giving you the best possible sound in every room of your house. 

With seven drivers in total, the 2019 release introduces two additional full range drivers on the back of Beoplay A9 which B&O says “provide a much broader and impressive soundscape.”

The streaming engine is all-new and offers faster performance in connectivity for Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. 

Available in white with oak legs, black with black walnut legs, a bronze tone special edition and a brass tone special edition, you can easily create your own look with a variety of textile covers by the renowned Danish textile company Kvadrat and different wooden legs. Available soon, the Beoplay A9 is priced from $4,100 RRP.

Finally, Bang & Olufsen has announced overnight its beautifully crafted Beosound Edge in a new brass finish, said to be inspired from the Art Deco movement of the 1920s, which happens to be the same era that B&O was founded.

Beosound Edge Brass Tone combines polished brass-toned aluminium and Parisian Night Blue fabric to create a warm ambience that is in line with leading design trends. 

Beosound Edge can be used freestanding on the floor or placed on a wall delivering a statement in style. 

Proximity sensors detect when you get close to the speaker, discreetly illuminating the aluminium touch interface. By gently rolling the circular Beosound Edge forwards and backwards, you can increase or decrease the volume. Let go, and it gently rolls back to its original position. 

Connectivity options are plentiful, with support for Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth, along with voice interaction when paired with either a Google Assistant-enabled speaker, such as Beosound 1 and Beosound 2, a Google Assistant device or an Amazon Echo device.

Beosound Edge Brass will be available mid-June and will sell for $4,650 RRP.

For more information, visit Bang & Olufsen.


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