New Products from Vicoustic

Posted on 2nd October, 2016

New Products from Vicoustic

Leader in acoustic treatment solutions, Vicoustic, has recently announced a new product for treating your room. Founded in 2007 in Portugal, Vicoustic supply products suitable for HiFi rooms, Home Theatres, and commercial applications.

Often overlooked by Hi-Fi enthusiasts, room treatment dramatically improves the acoustics of your room, and in turn the quality of your audio.

César Carapinha, Vicoustic's CEO explains:

Many people buy expensive speakers, and use them in very bad acoustic conditions. Now it's possible to improve the way you listen to your music, in an affordable and accessible way. Vicoustic offers products for all budgets and highly specialised staff to help you create your ideal listening room.

There's no snake oil here. Treating your room acoustics will improve the response and overall sound from your HiFi or home theatre system. The best part is with so many products and solutions from Vicoustic, benefits can be experienced for often less than the cost of a high quality CD player or amplifier. This is an upgrade you will clearly notice.

StereoNET's Vicoustic Treated Room
StereoNET's dedicated media room treated with Vicoustic products.

The extensive product range can be viewed here, but unless you want to delve into the dark art of understanding how room acoustics works and the relationships between the room and the audio source (speakers), you will want to work with a specialist or your dealer. They have access to resources, complex calculators and measurement devices to achieve perfect results, first time.

Vicoustic recently released the ViCloud Islands.

Vicoustic ViCloud Islands

The Vicoustic ViCloud Islands are acoustic panels that can be easily suspended from the ceiling with adjustable height. They're suitable for home theatres, restaurants, hotel conference rooms and lobbies. The Islands are available in various shapes and designs. The application is easy with the included hanging system above tables, and meeting areas. 

Made from Vicoustic's Tech Foam and covered with fabric, they are available in a number or different shapes including ViCloud Petal, ViCloud Circle, ViCloud Triangle, ViCloud Wave, ViCloud Hexagon and ViCloud Square. Their acoustic performance is excellent at mid and high frequency absorption, making them an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution where applying panels directly to the ceiling is not an option.

Acoustic room treatment does not have to overpower your decor. Tasteful finishes and design can really lift the visual appeal of your room, while pleasing the whole family too in those shared living areas.

Vicoustic is distributed in Australia by Radiance Audio Visual.

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