Posted on 20th March, 2017


Visit the rooms of any European HiFi Show or store and you're bound to see German high end brand T+A proudly sold by those in the know.

Announced this week, T+A have released a new model within the HV Series, the MP3100 HV Multi Source SACD-Player and DAC.

With a completely new German designed High-End decoder and SACD mechanism, the MP3100 HV is capable of reading CD (PCM 44.1 kbps) and SACD (DSD 64 2.8 MHz) discs at the highest possible quality.

While CD and SACD may be fading from the spotlight, T+A believes some customers still wish to be able to play music from CD and SACD, “because none of us wants to throw away our old collection, and in any case there is an undeniable charm in owning a tangible data medium.”

The SACD is currently experiencing what we can only term a renaissance all over the world, so we decided to develop a completely new, modern disc mechanism incorporating the latest decoder technology, offering very fast access times and outstanding error correction.

PCM data is converted using our outstanding double differential quadruple converter for all the digital signal processing. DSD data are handled by the unique analogue true 1-bit DSD converter from the PDP 3000 HV, which processes the DSD data in native form as a bitstream rather than converting them.

Inputs include AES-EBU, S/PDIF: Coax, BNC, TOS-Link up to 192 kHz, USB. There's also FM, DAB+, Internet Radio and Bluetooth aptX.

Warwick Freemantle of Pure Music Group who import T+A into Australia, told StereoNET:

Along with the recently introduced PA3100 integrated amplifier, the new MP3100 can allow playback of virtually every musical source for the critical audiophile, while remaining easy to use and allowing control via IR remote, RF remote, or apps. Those who have collected SACD discs and DSD computer files will find the new MP3100 perfect as their primary source unit.

The T+A MP3100 HV is available to pre-order now for an expected local price of $21,500 RRP from Specialist Retailers.

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