New Horizon Audio’s 203 Turntable Coming Soon

Posted on 20th January, 2020

New Horizon Audio’s 203 Turntable Coming Soon

The Italian turntable manufacturer, New Horizon Audio, has released early details on its new 203 Turntable that is expected to arrive in Australia around the end of February this year.

New Horizon 203

The newest member of the New Horizon 200-series of turntables features a trio of plinths, signified by the last digit in the model number - one for each of the three essential turntable components, according to the manufacturer.

New Horizon 203

The 203 turntable locates the motor, bearing and tonearm each on its own plinth. Furthermore, those plinths are decoupled from each other with a vibration isolation pad to further limit any possible interactions. The resulting noise path becomes longer and is dissipated by the different materials encountered during the journey.

New Horizon 203

The New Horizon 203 is fitted with an 8.6-inch Pro-Ject carbon fibre arm loaded with an Audio Technica AT-3600L cartridge, although there is an option to have the AT-VM520EB instead. The belt-driven 20mm platter is 1.7 Kg of machined crystal methacrylate, which helps bring the 203's weight to 11.2 Kg. The overall dimensions of the player are 45 x 36.5 x 16.5 cm (WxDxH).

The New Horizon Audio 203 turntable is available in Matt Black or White for AUD $2,149 RRP complete with the Audio Technica AT-3600L cartridge and dust cover. Upgrading the cartridge to an AT-VM520EB will see the price rise to AUD $2,349 RRP.

For more information, visit New Horizon Audio.

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