Posted on 11th January, 2018


Sennheiser is hurtling into AMBEO 3D laden audio gear.

The very latest product to benefit from AMBEO technology is the brand’s prototype soundbar that has just been shown to consumers at this week's Las Vegas CES Show.

The AMBEO technology was designed to get a three-dimensional sound (Binaural audio) from products as diverse as headphones, speakers and now, a soundbar.

Yamaha had the same idea with its DTS: X Virtual circuit and promptly installed it in its YAS-207 soundbar. Sonically the jury is still out on audio gear equipped with 3D binaural audio features.

But used in headphones, it has real potential to take the genre to a whole new level of enjoyment. Which is why Sennheiser didn’t dally with AMBEO and raced to release its first product called the AMBEO Smart Headset last year.

The new soundbar shows we can expect Sennheiser to release new AMBEO products at a rate of knots in the not too distant audio future.

Photo: Jacob Kastrenakes/The Verge.

While details and info about the new soundbar’s features are still filtering in, Sennheiser says it provides an incredibly immersive sound experience and a “true as-if-you-were-there feeling’’ without the need for a subwoofer or any additional components.

Sennheiser also used the show to launch two new headphones.

Sennheiser HD 820

The HD820 is a svelte, over-ear model with a real point of difference: it uses unique glass transducer covers that the brand says were developed to keep resonances at bay.

The HD820 is described as having an astonishingly transparent sound, high level of realism and a natural sound field.

Sennheiser acknowledges that open-back headphones are usually associated with audiophile sound. But it does say the HD820 changes the ground rules by delivering audiophile sound while keeping out ambient noise.

Local pricing has not yet been announced.

The other headphone released at CES is the in-ear CX6.00BT ($169.95 RRP). In a nod to those on the move, the CX6 is a wireless model with a novel feature: the cable linking its two ear-canal ear buds loops around the user’s neck instead of trailing down one arm.

Sennheiser insists the CX6 delivers clear, detailed sound, built on an enhanced bass response.

The CX6 supports Bluetooth and Qualcomm apt-X. The latter’s Low Latency ability is just dandy for gaming and video watching because it ensures visuals and sound remain in sync.

For more information visit Sennheiser.

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