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We’re big fans of British brand Wilson Benesch here at StereoNET. Largely unknown to most in Australia, it’s not due to performance or capability. It’s more so a brand that flies under the radar in the high-end of HiFi.

We reviewed the more affordable Vector speakers about a year ago and from learning more about that product and the brand itself, our eyes were opened to a modern, high-tech manufacturer using state-of-the-art materials and construction methods that ultimately, results in better sound.

That review has since gone on to attract over 17,000 readers, which you can read here.

Launching to the public for the first time at Munich’s High End Show in Germany was the Resolution, a floor standing speaker within their ‘Geometry Series’.

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeaker

Designed and engineered at the Wilson Benesch manufacturing facility in England. Resolution incorporates the company’s state-of-the-art drive technology in a unique high-tech enclosure, formed from a carbon fibre composite monocoque and precision machined metal-alloy components. Market leader in execution, time and phase coherence, signal-noise ratio and ultimate high fidelity audio performance.

Borrowing advanced modelling and construction techniques from Formula 1, the Resolution loudspeaker has been developed using Dassault 3D CAD/CAM systems. In the case of Resolution, its form follows function, giving rise to the curved, sculptured forms seen in the carbon fibre top or the curved composite enclosure.

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeaker

Wilson Benesch say:

These forms increase the enclosure stiffness and reduce the incidence of standing waves in the listening environment, giving rise to the most inert and inaudible loudspeaker cabinet in the industry. As a result, the Resolution disappears, stealth like, within the listening room leaving only you and the music.

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeaker

Using drivers developed in-house by Wilson Benesch, Resolution features a complement of 12 Tactic-II dynamic drive units and 2 Semisphere Tweeters per pair.

Within this complexity exists order and harmony in the drive unit topology.

In the midrange and high frequency, Wilson Benesch place an upper and lower midrange drive unit either side of the Semisphere Tweeter in an arrangement known as the Troika System, which they say “delivers perfect time and phase coherence”.

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeaker

Bass is delivered by 4 Tactic-II dynamic drive units forming 2 clamshell Isobaric Drive Systems.

Every Resolution loudspeaker is handmade to order. The sculptured carbon fibre top and carbon fibre enclosure combines with an aerospace Silk Black baffle and foot.

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeaker

From $70,000 pair, as you would expect, they are available in a range of bespoke high gloss polymers, stunning natural wood veneers and P1 coloured carbon fibre finishes to give the loudspeaker an identity unique to its owner.

Wilson Benesch, Munich 2017

Show here in Munich, partnered with CH Precision electronics, they certainly did everything they should and impressed us, albeit unfamiliar material and surrounings. StereoNET is planning a more intimate listening session later this year.

Wilson Benesch Resolution

For more information visit the Wilson Benesch brand page.

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