Posted on 24th January, 2018


It was always going to be a big ask for NAD to follow up on its famous 3020 amplifier.

The task doesn’t faze NAD. The brand debuted the D3020 V2 at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, along with the M22 V2 stereo power amp.

Throwing caution to the audio winds, NAD redesigned the 3020 and released the D3020 a couple of years ago.

A compact model, the D3020 took all of the great things about the famous 3020 and added Bluetooth and a DAC, features ensuring this remake of the classic amplifier remained vibrant and relevant in the digital, wireless streaming era.

Version 2 of the D3020 retains its 24/192 kHz DAC that has eight channels mixed to two to extract as much information as possible from the signal.

Added new features are a Phono stage with what NAD describes as a highly accurate RIAA equalisation. An infrasonic warp filter is also part of the makeover along with a circuit designed to deal with high overload margins while having a very low noise floor.

The D3020 V2 has coaxial and digital inputs, but unlike the first revision, it now carries pre-out connections giving it more connectivity options.

The latest D3020 retains Bluetooth aptX, a wireless streaming feature that wasn’t even imaginable when the original 3020 stereo amplifier was released several decades ago.

The new M22 V2 stereo power amp slots into NAD’s high-quality Masters series. The V2 update is basically the same as the M22 except NAD has given it a power injection.

The inaugural M22 was rated at 300 watts per channel, but V2 gets a 20 percent power increase taking output to about 360 watts per channel. The M22 V2 can be bridged and in this combination outputs about 900 watts per monoblock amplifier.

The M22 V2 uses the most current nCore amp technology sourced from Hypex to result in an amplifier said to have unmeasurably low distortion along with an ultra-high damping factor and unconditional stability driving any speaker.

Local pricing has not yet been established, but the stock is expected to arrive in Australia soon.

For more information visit NAD Electronics.

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