Posted on 25th May, 2017


Entering the wonderfully presented co-efforts of Triangle and Musical Fidelity at the Munich MOC for the High End Show, one couldn’t help but notice the brand-spanking new and eagerly anticipated M6s DAC from Musical Fidelity.

After all, it was strategically placed on a pedestal in the centre of the room.

And with good reason. The M6s DAC slots nicely into Musical Fidelity’s M6s Series of products that in their own words, offers “exceptional sonic talents matched by premium fit and finish: this is high-end hi-fi you’ll be proud to own – all at an attainable price.”

Complimenting the existing range that includes a CD Player and two Integrated Amplifiers, the sDAC is a 32bit/768kHz DSD DAC with no less than 7 inputs, with the added benefit of a high-performance headphone amplifier.

It will also up-sample all inputs to 32bit/768kHz.

With 3 x coaxial inputs, 3 x optical inputs and 1 x USB input, the M6s DAC is designed to be the digital hub of your HiFi system.

Musical Fidelity M6s DAC

Both single ended and balanced outputs are provided and said to offer ultra-low distortion, wide bandwidth and very low effective output impedance.

The output stage employs state-of-the-art components and circuitry which Musical Fidelity say delivers superlative technical and sonic performance and exceptional load driving characteristics. The M6s DAC will drive just about any combination of cable, length, and electronics flawlessly.

Outputs can also be switched between fixed or variable.

Musical Fidelity are understandably very proud of this latest offering with Dave Waters, the company’s Export Manager proudly telling us:

The M6SDAC has incredibly low distortion, just 0.0004% at 20kHz. Stereo separation is better than 120dB while Noise ratio is better than 119dB down. Linearity is better than 110dB.

Music is presented on a black velvet background and the M6s DAC simply excels in every technical area.

The headphone amplifier circuit also uses the same design philosophy and implementation and with very low output impedance will drive any headphone to its maximum potential.

The M6s DAC's immediate sonic impression is of effortless grace and transparency. There is a sensation of communication from the artists that is both hypnotic and compelling.

The imaging, as you would expect from better than 120dB separation, is excellent: side to side, image placement, a palpable sense of the recording venue that places the performers in real-time holographic space.

We look forward to hearing the M6s DAC when it becomes available around November this year. Local pricing will be confirmed shortly.

For more information visit the Musical Fidelity brand page.

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