Music Hall Lands at Convoy

Posted on 14th September, 2015

Music Hall Lands at Convoy

U.S. based Music Hall has been manufacturing turntables from their Czech Republic factory since 1998, weathering the Compact Disc storm and today enjoying vinyl's resurgence.

Finding a new home for distribution in Australia via Convoy, one of Australia's leading wholesalers, Music Hall was considered to be a natural partner for its ranges of B&W and JBL speakers, and Harman Kardon and Classe amplifiers.

Music Hall's President, Roy Hall, founded the business in 1985 with an emphasis on importing and distributing stereo hi-fi products, and 13 years later Hall's philosophy was to manufacture a range of unique turntables that were affordable, had great sound and were built from premium parts using proven technology.

Gary Tye, General Manager of Speciality Audio for Convoy, told StereoNET:

We looked hard for a unique, known brand of turntables that are beautifully made, nicely-priced, come comprehensively equipped with cartridge and tone arm, and most importantly sound sublime.

We’ll approach Music Hall in the same considered way we distribute B&W, Bluesound, JBL and Classe.  What that means is we’ll have a select number of retailers and certainly won’t be approaching Music Hall with a ‘stack it high, sell it low mentality’, because that would mean denying music lovers the skill and dedication required to be delivered by trained specialist dealers every time they demonstrate a Music Hall turntable. End of story.

Each Music Hall turntable is supplied complete with tone arm and dustcover, allowing enthusiasts to add their but consumers can select their own cartridges for models priced above $1299. Convoy backs the turntables with a comprehensive 3 year warranty and readily available stock of spare parts.

There are four models in the Music Hall Range ranging from $599 to $2399.

  • mmf-2.2 $599 RRP (Black), $649 RRP (Red, White)

The mmf-2.2 in black is $599. Finished in eye-arresting white or Ferrari red, it costs $649. Although this is the entry-level model, performance, finish and sound quality combine to make it anything but entry level. The two-speed mm-f2.2 comes with tone arm and premounted Magic 2 cartridge made by Ortofon to Music Hall’s specification, uses a high-precision stainless steel bearing and a hefty 1.7KG alloy platter fitted with a felt mat.

  • mmf-5.1 $1299 RRP (black)

A manual, two-speed, low-noise belt driven turntable, the mmf-5.1 features a unique dual layer plinth that has superior isolation properties. Its 9.5-inch audiophile quality tone arm comes with a fitted and prealigned Magic 3 MM cartridge, made by Ortofon. It carries a 2.7kg platter and felt mat while the silent bearing is a smooth stainless steel design sheathed in Teflon.

  • mmf-7.1 $1799 RRP (black)

This heavyweight model is also a dual layer, two-speed belt driven design which isolates the platter, main bearing, tone arm and cartridge on the upper part of the platform from the adjustable tip toe feet fitted to the bottom platform.

Sorbothane hemispheres further separate the two platforms. Most importantly, the motor, switch and wiring are totally decoupled from the turntable and are isolated on their own vibration-damping puck. Its 2.7kg platter is finely machined from acrylic and fitted with a felt mat.  The mmf-7.1 comes supplied with a superb 9-inch carbon fibre tonearm.

  • mmf-9.1 $2399 RRP (black)

The flagship of the Music Hall range is the impressively sized mmf-9.1 that is built using an expensive three-layer plinth, with each layer separated by Sorbothane hemispheres for superior isolation qualities.

The bearing is an ultra-expensive inverted ceramic design manufactured to deliver a super-quiet, fluid and dynamic performance. The mmf-9.1 uses an acrylic platter topped by a felt mat. As befitting a flagship model, it comes supplied with a high-grade 9-inch carbon fibre tone arm which features adjustable VTA and damped arm lifter and also premium, flexible internal wiring.

Unique to the range, the mmf-9.1 drives its platter using a totally isolated and decoupled motor installed on a resonance-damping puck.  Electronic speed control and switching is integrated.

Music Hall is available from Specialist Retailers.

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