Posted on 17th July, 2018


Award-winning Californian digital audio specialist brand MSB Technology has started shipping its long-awaited Discrete DAC.

The Discrete DAC is the brand's most affordable DAC which will sell in Australia for $14,780. Featuring trickle-down technology from the Reference model ($58,680) and Select model ($125,529), it uses two Prime DAC modules for a true balanced output derived from four stages of digital-to-analogue conversion and an ultra-low jitter integrated clock.

MSB’s robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while our low impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience defying expectations.

Uniquely, the Discrete's display is refreshed between data processing which is said to reduce electrical interference drastically. The in-house discrete design is then constructed into its own shielded CNC pocket for optimal isolation.

The Discrete Power Supply uses MSB's new dual low-noise power streams that are linear and independent. The CNC unibody aluminium chassis also provides the discrete power supply with optimal thermal performance and an elegant design aesthetic.

The DAC comes equipped with a single power supply, but can be augmented with a second discrete power supply to enable optimised power isolation between all major components.

Its modular design allows buyers to configure the Discrete to their choosing, but MSB also offers an upgrade path so as technology evolves, so too can your Discrete DAC.

Terry Humphries, Managing Director of Audio Reference in New Zealand who has received the world's first Discrete DAC told StereoNET:

We've been lucky enough to receive the first Discrete DAC in the world and it’s been well worth waiting for. We ordered it with twin power supplies, USB input, a Streaming Renderer input & XLR outputs. We've only just started to run it in, but right from the start the amount of musical detail and clarity is stunning.

Available in Silver or Black, the Discrete can be ordered with Balanced or Single-Ended Analog Output with Volume control. It also has 2x Optical inputs, Coaxial input, XLR input, Word-Sync Out, 2X Optional Digital Input Slots, and comes with the MSB Remote.

Hear the MSB Technology Discrete DAC at the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, October 12-14 in Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.

For more information visit MSB Technology.

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