Posted on 24th April, 2019


California's MSB Technology has announced two new amplifiers, the S500 Stereo Amplifier and the M500 Mono Amplifier.

The MSB M500 and S500 sport a fully modular design alongside a 1.0 Farad Power Core, a matched impedance input stage and an all billet CNC case. MSB is pretty proud of their creation stating that it's “the most exceptional amplifier we’ve ever created”.

MSB M500

The 500 series amplifiers feature a discrete design featuring a class A matched impedance input stage which results in a product with minimised signal reflections, input noise, and distortion while also maximising power transfer and dynamic range in a zero negative feedback design. The amplifiers have a 500 Watts rating with 134dB (137dBA) of Dynamic Range and ±0.025dB frequency response.

Thanks to custom low-noise high-current toroidal transformers and rugged high-current output buffers, the M500 and S500 provide, we're told, “a transparent, holographic listening experience that’s entirely fatigue free.”

MSB S500

Crafted in MSB's Californian factory, facts such as each heatsink starts as a 51lb aluminium block before 60% is removed over eight hours of machining, resulting in 17.5 lbs of refined aluminium. Furthermore, the fin thickness in the heatsink is slightly varied to help reduce resonances and ringing in the heatsinks, while multiple high power heat pipes distribute heat evenly for optimal thermal and electrical performance.

MSB S500 internal

Both amplifiers are equipped with a simple, user-friendly control interface. Intuitive push buttons, remote commands, and the 12V triggers guarantee control over power and standby modes. Further control of amplifier “power on” timers and soft-start circuits allow a multi-amplifier system to power up without putting a strain on your listening room’s electrical system.

MSB M500 rear

Intuitively oriented speaker lugs direct your speaker cables in the right direction without strain. Multiple ground posts enable EMI reduction strategies, including shielded cables and system star grounds. A 20 amp IEC connection is provided for high current delivery, while three gain settings optimise dynamic range for any speaker.

The S500 and M500 come in anodised matte silver or matte black finishes. The S500 Stereo Amplifier has an MSRP of USD $58,500, and the M500 Mono-block will sell for USD $118,500 for the pair. Australian & New Zealand pricing has not yet been confirmed.

MSB will be showing its Select DAC and Transport as well as the MSB M500 Monoblocks all hooked up to a pair of M6 Loudspeakers supplied by its Californian neighbours Magico in Room E221, at the High End Show Munich from May 9th.

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