Posted on 6th February, 2018


Californian digital specialist brand MSB Technology has two new DACS called the Discrete and Premier, to tempt music lovers and audiophiles to bite and buy.

The lure on the MSB hook is the technology idling smoothly inside the new Discrete and Premier DACS.

Both carry circuits that exploit MSB’s newly developed, in-house Prime DAC module. A module moreover, that was conceived using trickle-down technology from the Hybrid DAC modules used in MSB’s Reference DAC and Select DAC.

So buyers get a lot of the performance and sound quality of these two pedigree DACS without the elevated price tags of the flagship models. Nice one MSB!

The arrival of the Discrete and Premier DACs expands MSB’s range to four models at nicely placed price points, and each can drive the analogue outputs directly.

A tech feature that ensures both DACS have not a single op-amp, transistor or vacuum tube between the collective DAC modules’ output and the input of the power amplifier used with them.

The net gain says MSB, is the most natural, lifelike, high-resolution audio available from any digital source.

The sound has been described by many who have heard these DACs as rivalling the very best analogue sources.

As to where the new DACS fit into MSB’s range relative to previous models, the Discrete replaces the well-regarded Analogue DAC. It builds on this past model’s features by using two Prime DAC modules for a true balanced output derived from four stages of digital-to-analogue conversion, and an ultra-low jitter integrated clock. This arrangement results in a respectable output impedance of 300Ω.

Modular construction allows for two digital input modules accommodating any format or connector type available, now or in the future.

The new Premier DAC replaces the Signature DAC V. It’s fitted with four Prime DAC modules. Its modular architecture permits three digital input modules as well as future upgrades to MSB’s very best clock technology. With twice as many output modules, the impedance is halved down to 150Ω with the added benefit of lowering the noise floor.

This design feature allows both DACs to be fitted with an optimised digital volume control. This volume control matches the performance of the stepped resistor ladder volume control options previously offered by the Analogue DAC and the Signature DAC V.

MSB Technology Discrete DAC

To keep these two new DACs at an affordable price point, MSB decided to remove all analog circuitry from both designs. This means that there will not be an option for an analog input, and those wanting to connect their phono stages will need an external pre-amplifier.

Anyone buying the Discrete DAC will be pleased to hear that at a future point they can have it upgraded to the Premier DAC platform because the key components are common to both.

Moreover, owners of the older MSB DACS like the Analogue DAC, the DAC IV or DAC V can take up MSB’s offer of attractive upgrade options.

Both units will be available from April, and the Discrete will sell for $13,500 RRP, and the Premier for $26,500 RRP.

Auditions will be available at the Audio Fidelity showroom in Melbourne.

For more information visit MSB Technology.


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