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Boasting new software and hardware partners, MQA will be enjoying a record number of demonstrations at this year’s High End show in Munich.

MQA Live was launched at an event held earlier this year in Austin with a special performance from Jake Isaac. It will also feature at the  High End show with an exclusive MQA Live performance by jazz ensemble, the Misha Mullov-Abbado Group.

The performance will be streamed in real-time into partner listening rooms in the MOC event venue. The six-piece brings together some of the finest, multi award-winning London-based musicians, and their performance will be streamed in real-time on Friday, May 11th from The Pool recording studio in London.

Hardware Partnerships

Both Hegel Music System and Lyngdorf Audio who have confirmed future MQA integration. Established Norwegian audio electronics manufacturer, Hegel, will be unveiling their new H590 amplifier at the High End show.  Danish-based Lyngdorf Audio develops, designs, and creates products for high-performance audio enthusiasts.

ESS Technology has announced that it will be launching versions of its popular SABRE Mobile DACs and Headphone systems with integrated MQA rendering.  This will enable easy implementation of MQA across a wide variety of applications.

Additional new partners for Munich include HiBy and Novatron (with its CocktailAudio & Novafidelity brands); while recently announced partners, Hontron (PureAudio), M2Tech and Metrum Acoustics, have now released MQA-ready products and components.

There is also a long list of existing MQA partners who continue to implement MQA across their product ranges. These include Aurender, Brinkmann Audio, iFi, LUMIN, Simaudio, and the Pioneer & Onkyo, Esoteric and TEAC family of brands.  

Media Players

Roon gained MQA integration with version 1.5 of its software which was released on May 2nd. Also, Audirvana has been putting the finishing touches to its Windows version of Audirvana Plus.  Due for public beta release by end of May, Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 will bring all the benefits of Audirvana Plus to your PC, as well as a newly designed user interface.

Amarra Play, the MQA-enabled mobile app from Amarra, is coming soon to the App Store.

MQA Music

Norwegian singer-songwriter, Kari Bremnes, is this year’s High End show brand ambassador.  Her two most recent albums – Og så kom resten av livet and Det vi har – are available to stream in MQA on TIDAL HiFi and there is also a TIDAL Masters playlist specially created for the show.

MQA Live Demos At Munich

Here is where you can hear the MQA Live stream at 3.30pm CET on Friday, May 11th

  • AudioQuest - A4.1 E122/E123
  • Audio Reference - A3.1 D111
  • Aurender - H1 A19
  • Bluesound (Dynaudio room) - A3.1 C112
  • Brinkmann Audio - A4.1 E108
  • Esoteric, Pioneer, TEAC - A4.1 E119
  • iFi Audio (WOD Audio room) - A4.1 E109
  • Wadax - A4.1 E106
  • Wadax (AvantGarde room) - A4.1 E124

For more information visit MQA, and follow StereoNET's rolling coverage of the High End show from Munich, Germany.

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