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The High End Show in Munich is awash with speakers. Everywhere you look some man and his monkey are displaying a range of models.  There are heaps of budget models for the masses and plenty of unaffordable high-end beauties earmarked for a Saudi oil-rich prince.

One of the biggest names in loudspeakers, Monitor Audio, sanely showed a range of its Silver Series that now in their 6th generation, they describe as their best ever.

High praise for mid-range models that are bound to have a lot of appeal to house-proud music devotees.

The range offers serious buyers a choice of two compact stand mounts and three slimline floorstanders. Augmenting these are the Silver FX wall mount model and two centre channel speakers.

Of course the organ grinder can’t put on a show without an organ, so of course the Silver Series includes a powered subwoofer with built-in DSP. This, says Monitor Audio, is a subwoofer that can reach all the way down to 22 Hz. Take that you pesky neighbours!

To finish off the silver series, each speaker comes with a magnetically fixed grill and rear mounted HiVe II ports.

Monitor Audio's Technical Director, Dean Hartley told us:

We’ve created a new visual character in the Silver Series. Adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, we have evaluated every component and redesigned from the ground up.

Monitor Audio has culled four decades of metal cone expertise and experience to arrive at new versions of its praised C-CAM dished cone specifically for this Silver Series.

It’s made from a single piece of the unique ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy, formed into a continuous dish profile. It’s rigid and sonically superior to standard softer cone materials that flex, creating audible distortion. This design doesn’t require a centre hole that normally houses a protruding voice coil.

Other technical innovations include beefed up driver magnets and improved voice coils to deliver cleaner sound even at high volume levels. And a new teardrop shaped mid-range/tweeter module on the Silver 300 and 500 has been used to deliver the purest mid-range quality in its class.

The range features high quality, close tolerance parts in its crossover networks such as premium grade polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors.

The two Silver Series stand mounts have powerful drive magnets and large 32 mm voice coils. The Silver 50 ($1085 RRP) is a two-way bass reflex design with a new 5-¼ -inch bass/mid range unit and new 25mm Gold Dome C-Cam tweeter.

The larger Silver 100 ($1400 RRP) has the same tweeter but is equipped with a powerful 8-inch C-CAM mid/bass driver.

The hybrid Silver 200 ($2150 RRP) floorstander is acoustically and electrically a two and a half way dual chamber reflex design. It has twin HiVe 11 ports and two 5-¼ -inch C-CAM drive units and a new 25 mm Gold Dome Tweeter.

The Silver 300 ($2695 RRP) has a pair of long throw bass drivers working together to generate plenty of taut, bass. The Flagship Silver 500 ($3250 RRP) has a pair of long throw 8-inch C-CAM drivers and a dedicated, specifically designed 4-inch RST driver. The Silver 500 plumbs down to 30 Hz.

For surround sound the range includes the side or rear wall mounted Silver FX ($1085 RRP) , a speaker with a sleek profile and a switch that can make it behave like a dipole or bipole.

It features dual 25 mm Gold Dome C-CAM tweeters and a 6-inch C-CAM mid/bass driver.

The range offers a choice of two centre channel speakers, the Silver C150 ($825 RRP)  and the larger, Silver C350 ($1265 RRP). The former uses twin 5 ¼-inch C-CAM bass drivers in a 2.5-way configuration using a 25 mm Gold Dome tweeter. The C350 is a 3-way, four-driver design.

The Silver W-12 ($2200 RRP) powered subwoofer completes the new range. This has a long throw 12-inch driver and a built-in 500-watt W Class-D amplifier and powerful onboard DSP processing.

To suit any interior, the range is available in Black Oak, Walnut, Rosenut, Natural Oak, High Gloss Black, and Satin White. As displayed in Munich, the satin white finish is stunning and will suit the growing minimalist design approach of modern spaces.

Monitor Audio 6th Gen Silver Series

As the largest selling series of the Monitor Audio range in Australia, the latest 6th-gen Silver Series which will be available in Australia from August will carry a 5-year warranty.

For more information visit the Monitor Audio brand page.

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