Posted on 22nd August, 2018


Monitor Audio has announced a global cooperation agreement to adopt the BluOS multiroom audio streaming platform within its select products.

Under the agreement, UK-based speaker company, Monitor Audio, and its sister brand, Roksan, will bring the BluOS streaming platform to upcoming Monitor Audio and Roksan products. The two UK brands will join Dali, which also utilises the BluOS platform within their Callisto speaker system.

The announcement marks Monitor Audio's entrance into the growing multi-room streaming category and signals their intent to make BluOS their multi-room platform choice for Monitor Audio and Roksan branded products in the future.

BluOS, the proprietary but brand-agnostic platform, enables compatible devices on the same Wi-Fi network to share music libraries and playlists, regardless of the brand of speaker or audio component.

Regarding the news, Andrew Flatt, Monitor Audio's Chairman and CEO told StereoNET:

“Our development team explored all of the available options for wireless multi-room audio solutions that premier loudspeaker companies must be reviewing in this marketplace. After a full review, we've decided to adopt the BluOS platform. It's purpose-built for discerning audio enthusiasts and thereby fits with our own core values. Integrating the BluOS multi-room music management experience with our own audio performance and design values will only add to the desirability and satisfaction of our products for our existing and future customers.”

Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook International, adds:

“Monitor Audio is a perfect partner brand to add into the BluOS ecosystem since they believe, as we do, that high-resolution audio matters.”

The expansion of the BluOS ecosystem is a win for consumers wishing to piece together a wireless, multi-room audio system that can now use BluOS enabled products from Bluesound, NAD Electronics, Dali, Monitor Audio and Roksan.

Monitor Audio and Roksan have not yet announced which products will be BluOS enabled.

For more information visit Monitor Audio.

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