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Make no mistake. When they arrive in Australia, the six models making up the Monitor Series will grab your attention.

With the exception of the subwoofer, the two new compacts and floorstanding models along with a centre channel speaker carry bright, orange drivers.

That’s one way Monitor Audio can ensure the new Monitor Series stands out in a dealer showroom already crammed with competing speakers.

The smallest of the series is the Monitor 50. This compact carries a 25mm black C-CAM tweeter and a 13cm MMP 11 driver per speaker.

The 50 stands out with its square cabinets and orange drivers giving it a fresh, contemporary styling that’s bound to look just dandy in a modern living environment.

With an impedance of 8ohms, the 50 should be easy to drive.     

Monitor 100

The slightly larger Monitor 100 compact carries the same tweeter but adds a 16cm bass driver. Impedance as with the 50, comes in at 8ohms.

The two floorstanding models are the Monitor 200 and 100. The sleek Monitor 200 is the smallest floorstander in the new range, and it's designed to provide a stunning sound in small to medium-sized rooms.

The 200 is described as having the precision of a two way and the scale and power of a larger speaker derived from an extra bass driver. The 200’s 25mm dome tweeter is a ceramic coated, aluminium magnesium model derived from the brand’s award-winning Bronze series tweeters.

Bass is generated using a pair of 16cm MMP 11 drivers.

The larger Monitor 300 floorstanders are the flagship of the new series. The 25mm C-CAM tweeter is the same one used throughout the Monitor series models.

The Monitor 300 is bound to have plenty of sonic wallop, as it’s equipped with three 16cm bass drivers. And yes, they’re bright orange.

The two floorstanding models feature snappy outrigger feet that provide stability and moreover give each speaker a sleeker profile.

The matching centre channel is the Monitor C150. This employs two 13cm bass drivers and a 25mm C-CAM tweeter.

The Monitor Series includes the MRW-10 subwoofer equipped with a 25cm bass driver that drills down to 30Hz according to Monitor audio. Power is provided by a 100-watt Class D amplifier.

All the Monitor Series models are available in Black, Walnut or White finish.

Monitor Audio's Monitor Series will be available in Australia from May 2018, very reasonably priced as follows:

  • Monitor 50 - $385.00 RRP
  • Monitor 100 - $479.00 RRP
  • Monitor 200 - $945.00 RRP
  • Monitor 300 - $1,300.00 RRP
  • Monitor C150 - $330.00 RRP
  • Monitor MRW-10 - $835.00 RRP

For more information visit Monitor Audio.


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